Stand Strong With Our Trendy Bold Fashion!

Stand Strong with our Bold Fashion!

As an independent woman, you are enough to fulfill all your wishes. You don’t need to settle for anything lesser than what you deserve. When it comes to deserving, you deserve the best quality clothes with peerless designs. To fulfill this demand, we have our most trendy and groovy dresses and accessories for you.


A dress with two sides. One with a Tiger Print and the other with an unadorned black side. It defines two of the most salient qualities of a woman. The black side signifies the calm and subtle side of a woman who observes everything but remains silent and waits for the right time. The second side with tiger print reveals the dominant and fierce side of a woman, who has immense strength to fight everyone who tries to pull her down and outshine between those people. Both of these designs are combined to make an extremely audacious look that will suit all women. There is a slit in the dress to make it even more attractive. It can be dressed in long skirts, palazzo, or leggings. It is fitted above the waist and has a flare below the waist. With an ethnic brown print on one side and solid black on another, get ready to blow minds wherever you go.

Champagne Loop Earrings

Champagne Loop Earring

Loops are modish and beautiful dangles made of Crystal Champagne Quartz Stone. They are basic yet Snappy loops that will go with all your outfits. It will complement not only your style but also will reflect a cheerful and bold personality. These teardrop loops are simple in their style yet modern and fashionable in every sense, which makes your favorite dress dazzle in elegance.


Pearl White Hand Embellished Jewel Neckline Halter Mini Dress

A woman who can protect and support herself Is no less than a style icon. She is ideal to many other women and is like a star in their eyes. To make you shine even more sparkling, we are here with our Pearl White hand-embellished dress.
Pearls are the gems that are believed to offer protection as well as attract good luck and wealth. They don’t arise from the depths of the earth but the depths of the sea. They are one of the most popular gems in the world, and we have them hands sewn on your dress. The white color in this dress gives it a magnificent look, and the pearls are working as a cherry on top. White as the color signifies purity and calmness and when both pearls and white color are combined to make one dress then it will make you outshine at any party u go to and will enlighten your aura. This dress has a jewel neckline that will showcase your necklace and will make it alluring. Style it up with a pair of ankle strap heels and pearl danglers, and you are ready for a wedding or a party.

Whimsical Whitney earnings

Whimsical Whitney Earring

When it comes to becoming a Style Icon, you need something out of the box, and to fulfill that demand, we are here with our whimsical Whitney earrings. They are stunning and elegant Golden and silver-tone earrings that are made to style modern-day working women; they are chic and exquisite at the same time. These earrings are made of silver with old material. That reflects an opinionated personality of an independent woman. Be it your office meeting, and after office coffee with friends, or just on a casual shopping plan with your girl gang, Whimsical Whitney never fails to impress.