Tips to Choose The Best Monsoon Dresses For Women

summer and monsoon dresses style tips by raarnova

Now, when the sunlight is dim and dark clouds are everywhere, it’s a sign to wear sassy Monsoon Dresses. While it rains outside, you need some outfits that work like thunder. So, why not try a VELVET WRAP UP DRESS OR A MIDI FIT FLARE DRESS with ruffles because these dresses will have an explosive effect.

A wrap-up dress is not just about glamour, but it also has a luxurious and leaner appearance. And when it comes to showing off your hourglass-like figure, then what else do you need other than a wrap-up dress. Its tulip shape accentuates your waist and gives a perfect structure to your hips and buts. It also provides a sharp look to your curves. Then comes the v-neck, which allows your collar bone to shine, and the drapes in this dress work to flatter your allure. Its revealing nature makes it look sophisticated.

Finally, this dress has the perfect length that compliments it the best, and when we talk about velvet as a fabric, we must know that velvet is a type of woven stuffed fabric in which the cut threads are distributed evenly. It has a distinctive soft feel. This dress will leave a mark of elegance and splendor at any party you go to.

While going outside, you don’t only need a dress but also some accessories to pair with it, and with this velvet dress adding studs and a bracelet will make your look chic. If you want, you can also wear a chain. At last, to complete this look, you only need two more things— one of  D’Orsay pumps and a mini-square purse. Then you’re ready to go.

This look will make people stare at you, not only people but also it will be tough for you to take your eyes off of the mirror. This dress will not fail you!


Midi Fit and Flare Dress

Let’s talk about a midi fit and flare dress now. Think you have a meeting, and at the last moment, it’s decided that it is organized in a café, then the only dress that can save you is ‘midi fit and flare dress.’ This dress is one of the most stylish and affordable ones. It’s longer than a knee-length dress. You must know that longer than knee-length dresses are doing wonders. They make you look emancipated and are a forever classic one. These dresses don’t only make you look like a queen, they are also picked by fashion icons!


Midi fit flare monsoon dress raarnova



When these dresses are worn in lighter shades it adds magic to your whole look, also this dress has long flowered sleeves, and as you know flowers are something that instantly blooms up your mood and make the environment near us joyous these sleeves do the same work they make you happy in and out and make your personality cheerful.

To complete this look, we have some accessories that go with it flawlessly. You can have a layered gold necklace with studs in the neck, and adding a set of gold rings with a tony bracelet will make it look more bewitching. At last, You will need a wristlet to carry and cone heels to rock your look.

Your dressing sense is everything that tells a lot about your personality, and dressing well also boosts your confidence. Comfort is essential, and wearing dresses in which you are comfortable is one of the most crucial factors. You can’t look stunning if you are not confident with what you’re wearing. Whether you are going out or not, dressing up always changes your mood, and when you dress up on your own, it tells how much you love yourself. So dress as you want because you do that for yourself!